Work at home : Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at Home

I worked before as a non-voice call center agent, 9 pm - 6 am time, believe me! I feel that it was the hardest adjustment in my life! It was my first time to work in the eve. I have 2 children back then when I’m in the office, 2-4 cups of coffee fill my body just to be awake! Ha Ha! Headbanging in front of the computer and work with friends while chatting is the key to keep awake. LOL!

Based on my experience, Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of working at home.

Work at home Advantage


The best benefit for a work from home job!  It requires the arrangement of an employer to the employee to work on the agreed amount of hours and time that will fit your energy cycle to do whatever task you have with them. Why it was the best? You can take your break, no rush on family and friends phone calls, eat lunch anytime you want and attend your kids' school events. Just enjoy your time! Just make sure all your work are done.

“Flexitime = Flexilife”

“Flexitime = Flexilife”


Zero commuting and Forget crowds and traffic

Base in PH loses ₱3.5B a day due to Metro Manila traffic. If the “work from home” law successfully implemented in the Philippines, It would reduce traffic, reduce air pollution/carbon emissions and less stress for commuters in the road. So forget the crowd and traffic. Enjoy working at home!

“Less Stress = Healthy Mind”



Save money

Commute fare, Gas, Tollgate, Food and sometimes office wear, these are the most common expenses in our daily office work. If you work at home these are the possible savings :

  • You can work with your pajamas and no need for expensive office attire.
  • Your traveling time can convert into part-job and you will earn money
  • Eating at expensive fast food chain can make a delicious family meal.

“Save money and money will save you and your future.”



Balance life

You will experience balance life, as an individual and an employee. For Parents, you don’t have guilt anymore that you did not raise your kids by your are a Raising your kids is the best precious moments you will have as a parent. No regrets! For Single individual,  feel free and enjoy your flexitime.

“Work hard and enjoy life”

“Work hard and enjoy life”

Work at Home Disadvantage


Your physical presence at home with your children, neighbors, friends, and family will lead to chatting, playing and browsing social media using your phone and be one of the distractions you will encounter. If you are alone, your attention will witness household chores around you, feel that it’s your obligation to do things and sometimes feel bored and watch your favorite TV Series, Movie and Vlog videos. These are your temptations to be unproductive.

“Stay Focus, Make Routine, Be productive”


Health Care and other contributions

Being an independent contractor means your usual benefits such as Healthcare, SSS, Dental insurance and other benefits of an employee in the company are not offered in work from home. You will find out that paying your own costs and insurance from your own pocket are too expensive.

“Secure your benefits”

“Secure your benefits”


No Routine, No Self-discipline

Conflict Schedule, No Routine, No Self-discipline. You think you are free to work anytime you want. Hard to stick with your schedule because you don’t want to miss events and special moments with your family and friends.

“Self-discipline is the key to success”

“Self-discipline is the key to success”


Which one do you prefer working at Office or Home? Anyway! All my notes will still be up to you, just work hard and have fun!

work hard and have fun!

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