10 Tips for staying in love with your partner.

Years ago, I’d fallen in love with a man and committed to spending the rest of my life with him, learning and creating our better and worse moments together. Dreaming and reaching our goals in life as one. And of course building our family in a happy, thankful and peaceful simple life with our Almighty God.

I interviewed some of my friends, Asked my husband, and of course based on my experiences to bring you some tips for staying in love with your partner.

Be Loving

We always start and end our day with a KISS and HUG. A 3 kiss to express the word “I Love You” to my partner and a tight HUG to feel that we will do our day together with no matter what happens.

Spend Time Together

Although you are busy with work, business or with kids, You should spend time with each other. Give a monthly date for both of you and remember that it was your moment to spend time together like they call “Monthsary” LOL. This monthly date will help you refresh your love to one another and forget all the problems you encounter in your everyday work.

Clear Communication = No Conflict

I am a fan of COMMUNICATION. I love communicating with my partner. Before ending up our day, we share stories about our experiences, with this simple way of talking and knowing what happens, I feel that I am beside him all day.

Give Respect

Speak directly to your partner rather than sharing it to others. When bringing complaints, be careful not to go over the line to criticism and never give sharp words that will make your partner hurt.

Praise one another and Show Gratitude

Speak words of acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude every day not only for what your partner does but for who your partner is.

Give one another Space

Everyone needs space. Setting aside one day each week or month where you both can do something on your own or with friends.

Encourage one another

When your partner feels negative, then your side should be positive. Encouragement is important in everyday living, in work, in life, in community, for kids, for a partner and all aspect in life.

Apologize and forgive often

Apology and forgiveness are the same emotional side. It is important to have this in a relationship when having an argument or conflicts, so it will not produce pain, hurt, anger and hatred to each other. Practicing of these tips is about giving you and your partner a good kind of future that you will deserve.

Dreaming together

Before binding as one, We each have our own dreams and ideas of what we want to do with our lives, but when we knot ourselves with our partner sharing our dreams gives us the opportunity to cheer and help every step of the way to make our dreams do come true. Every hardship and hindrances that will encounter to reach these dreams will make easier when we do it with love with each other.

Pray together

This activity will help your marriage successful. Pray together, ask God for true love for one another, ask for forgiveness, for strength and for solutions of your problems. Remember, God binds you as one, God will be with you through hardships and happiness. God has the greatest access in our heart.

What are your tips for being happily married with children? Share it with us.

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